SEO And How To Improve Your Site

SEO is very important, because it allows new people to find your site for information they are looking for by using search engines to find you. There are a lot of theories about how to be successful in developing your webpages to be SEO compliant.

Some of the main rules to SEO are to make sure your Title tag and Meta description best describe your page for the information given. When it comes to content, make sure you don't over stuff keywords and to be the authority for the topic you are writing about. Original content is key.

Site performance plays a major role in how you rank. The faster your site loads the better off you are. People get very impatient when a webpage takes more than several seconds to load and they will drop off. Search engines test your site for how fast your page loads and if it is mobile friendly. They do this so they can supply the best content for their users.

How do you optimize your site for faster page speed?

Before you do any updates to your site, Google has a great tool to see how your site performs and if there are possible problems.

Sites that run slow usually have too many database calls that may be causing the problem. This happens from sites like Word Press, Joomla, or any other site that runs off a content management tool. These kinds of sites are nice, because it allows non-programmer’s to maintain and update the content. The downsides to these backend tools are the amount of resources it takes to load a page. When you are dealing with thousands of visitors a day, you will see the issues get worse.

Gzip compression is another asset to improve your webpages download time. Also make sure your image file size is as small as you can get them without making them distorted.

Here is my top level view on how to improve your SEO performance.