Fred Ciabattoni

In the past, I was the Manager of Internet Services/Senior Web Developer for K'NEX and worked with a wide range of start-ups. During that time, I have completed multiple projects in a narrow deadline period, while gaining considerable knowledge and internet expertise.

Current Positions

Kognazant Inc. - CTO and Partner
MISSION: Create an efficient and cost effective system that manages and delivers a relevant and purposeful school culture, where career-aligned course selection and goals, in addition to focused career experiences (job shadows, mentorships, career programs and internships), become the frame in which students, teachers, parents, administrators, and communities view and communicate the high school experience.

The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) - Senior Developer
ABOUT: The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is an intermediary organization dedicated to connecting systems and leveraging resources. PYN works to equip young people for academic achievement, economic opportunity and personal success. To achieve this mission, we coordinate and support large-scale, cross-sector initiatives while developing targeted programs to expand access to services for underserved youth.

Holiday Rush - Owner and Senior Developer
Your Holiday Resource and Shopping Site.

In addition, I have enjoyed a reputation for being a very hard-working, intelligent, and creative individual. My motivation is to completely utilize my accumulated experience and knowledge to the fullest extent possible.

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